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Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets Guide Part 4

Ancient Stone Tablets Guide Part 4


Here are parts 12, and 3 of the guide. Also, here’s some background info, the notes before you begin playing and my review of the game.


The prologue of this episode is once again the same as the previous 2 prologues. However, this time it adds on a conversation about how the tablets told to get Silver Arrows on a mountain. Zelda guesses that it’s on Death Mountain and decides it is time to retrieve the Silver Arrows. Zelda will actually follow you the entire episode, but since she’s since invincible there’s no difference in the gameplay. Next, you start off in the chapel. Agihna tells you to proceed to the seventh dungeon in the graveyard, which is right of the chapel. First let’s go one screen to your left and two up. Here you will see two lumberjacks as well as a cave on the upper-right. Inside the cave, light up the four torches with your fire rod to open a door and use the hookshot to cross the gap. There you will find a piece of heart.

Now, fly to the Lost Woods. It’s time to get the Master Sword (level 4 sword). First go a little south until you reach a 3×3 patch of bushes. Slice the bushes to find a hole in the middle and collect the heart piece in the cave below. Now, go to the top left portion of the woods and pick up the Master Sword! This should make fighting enemies a bit easier, although I easily was able to go through the 7th dungeon with just a level 2 sword. With the master sword, you are now able to shoot out beams when your health is full! Now, go to the graveyard. First actually go to the grave on your far left, push it out, and fall into a hole. Inside you will receive a third bottle and 100 rupees. Now you can go and enter the seventh dungeon, whose entrance is in the grave on your right.

Graveyard Dungeon Entrance

Seventh Palace: Graveyard Dungeon

Light the two torches in this room to open the top door. Collect the key using the boomerang and open the chest to find the Dungeon Map. Go back a room and go to the left. Use the hammer on the barrier, use your hookshot to get across the gap, and open the chest on the other side to get the Compass of the dungeon. In the following room, open the chest on the other side to make several holes appear and then fall into a hole.

It seems that we’ve now entered an icy region of the palace! Pull the left elephant trunk to open the door. In the next room bomb the left wall to find a secret room. Then hammer the barrier down and pull the elephant trunk to open the door on the left. Inside a thief will give you a bomb upgrade for 400 rupees. Go back 2 rooms and then go down the stairs.

Traverse the next icy room and enter the first door you see. Inside there will the powerful gloves, which act like the Titan’s Mitt of a Link to the Past. You can now lift black rocks. Hit the switch, return to the previous room and now head down the stairs on the right.

Down here kill all the enemies to open the door. The hookshot can kill the penguins in 1 hit. Go across the ice and spikes by using your hookshot on the left side of the ice. Now open the chest to get a key and go to the room on your right. Use the hookshot to get across the spikes and open the chest to get the Big Key. Go back to the previous room and proceed up the stairs. Here, open the Big Chest to get the Cane of Somaria. This allows you to lay down red blocks by using a bit of magic. In addition, you can make platforms with it whenever a question mark appears over a gap, like the one currently on your right. Use the Cane of Somaria to pass over the gap. In the next room, collect the fairies if you’d like, make sure you have enough magic (there is some underneath the pots in the previous room), and fall down the hole to face the boss of this dungeon.


Boss: Kholdstare

The boss of this dungeon is Kholdstare from a Link to the Past. While encased in ice, he attacks by dropping ice from the ceiling. This ice breaks into four pieces, which you can get hit by as well. Avoid getting hit by the falling ice and melt his ice shell by hitting him with the Fire Rod 3 times. Once he’s free of the ice shell, Kholdstare will split into 3 eyeballs that will circle the room and attempt to run into you. Fight the three eyeballs with your Fire Rod as well. It takes 4 hits with your fire rod for each eyeball. In case you run out of magic,  it takes 16 hits to kill an eyeball with the level 2 sword (it probably takes much fewer hits with higher level swords).

After Graveyard Palace

Once outside of the Graveyard palace, head over two screens to your left. On the far left side of the screen you will see a Piece of Heart partly hidden by a tree. Go left again to reach the fortune teller’s house. Ram into the large rock on the top left portion of the screen to break it. Enter the cave that appears and use your hookshot to get across several spiked gaps. There is a Piece of Heart in a chest at the end of the cave. Now it’s time to head over to the eighth dungeon.

Cave Dungeon

Eighth Dungeon: Cave Dungeon

So the first thing you may notice is this dungeon looks like a cave. However, the music and the fact that you have a dungeon map are the main indicators that you’re actually in the dungeon. Pull the elephant’s trunk in this room to open the door at the top right. Now go up the stairs and to the left. Light the two torches and a chest will appear on the floor below. Go back and open the chest downstairs to get a key. Next go two rooms to your right. Here you’ll see a row of blue blocks blocking your path. Go down to the room below and you’ll find a switch to lower these blocks. After crossing the lowered blue blocks, enter the locked room below and open the chest in this room to get another key. Go down a hallway and then you’ll reach a room with four torches and a switch. Hit the switch to turn it red, and light the four switches to get a key. Go back three rooms and enter the newly reachable entrance. Here turn the switch red, place a bomb near the switch and run down to the other side of the orange blocks. When the bomb explodes the blue blocks will lower and you can continue downwards. The next room will contain the dungeon map. Now go upstairs to the second floor of the dungeon.

In this area you’ll only have a spotlight since it’s dark. Pick up the pots towards the bottom in order to reveal a switch. This switch will open the door on your left. There will be four bomb slugs in the next room. There is also a chest with 100 rupees in the bottom-left corner. Use your hookshot to get it if you wish. Go right in the next room and circle around to find a door on the left side of the room. Of course use your hookshot to cross spiked paths while in this room. In the following room, the first door on the right is closed, so go to the left and go across the left gap to get the Mirror Shield (level 3 shield)! Continue on that path to reach the next room. This room has two chests each with 100 rupees in the top-right and bottom-right corners of the room. Go through the right door to enter a dark room with four torches, enemies, and a locked door. Light the torches to get another key. In the next room, navigate through a series of barriers in order to reach the top of the room and go upstairs to the third floor.

The third floor is fortunately lit again. Go down one hallway,  go left in the next room, and then head up. Make sure not to get hit off the narrow walkways, as hitting the enemies here make you bounce back significantly. This next room has a long narrow walkway that will quickly begin to disappear. Get across to the other side using your Pegasus Boots, but make sure not to be hit off by the hard-shelled enemies placed along the path. I personally find throwing a pot as a very effective way of killing one of these enemies. Now you’ll be in a room with a couple gaps, a door on your right and Wizrobes. Enter the door on your right to get the Big Key. Now go across the gaps you saw before by using your Cane of Somaria on the question mark panels. The next room contains a Big Chest which contains the Ice Rod. The Ice Rod is the ice equivalent of the Fire Rod. You’ll now enter a room with a lot of narrow paths and eye lasers on the right wall. These eyes will only shoot you when you are in their sight. Your mirror shield can block these lasers, but you need to carefully move along so that you don’t get knocked down into a hole. The next room will contain two fairies and some pots. Make sure you have a decent amount of magic and head into the following room to face the boss.


Boss: Trinexx

The boss of this dungeon is a weaker version of Trinexx from a Link to the Past. Trinexx has a fire head and an ice head on his left and right respectively. Shoot the fire head with the ice rod (4 hits) and the ice head with the fire rod (2 hits). The ice head makes the floor permanently icy with its attack, so I would kill it first. The fire head shoots out a trail of fire. Once these two heads are defeated, Trinexx will emerge from his shell and start moving around like a large rock snake. Hit the glowing portion of Trinexx’s body three times in order to defeat him. The spikes at the top will disappear and you can go upstairs. Go through another hallway and you’ll be now on Death Mountain.

Death Mountain

Death Mountain

This version of Death Mountain isn’t very large in all honesty. Go up and you’ll see some stairs that go down into a cave. Get some fairies if you want, and bomb the north wall in order to find a piece of heart. In order to get the piece of heart, use your boomerang to hit the switch and your hookshot to get across to the chest. Go across the bridge to find a large statue of the Book of Mudora. Zelda tells you she feels a great evil has been sealed here and that she needs to use the Book of Mudora and the eight tablets to unseal it. She tells you she’ll tell you to return when she’s done. Wait two minutes and she’ll tell you she’s solved the mystery of the tablets. Go back to Zelda to see the seal break. You’ll receive the Silver Arrows, which are holy arrows needed to kill Ganon. Enter the blue warp to be warped to what seems to be the Dark World of a Link to the Past.  Ram the rock on the left to find a fairy cave and one last heart piece. Finally, use the Master Sword to break the barrier on Ganon’s Castle and enter.

Ganon’s Castle

Ganon’s Castle

Just go up two long flights of stairs and fall down a hole to fight Ganon.


Final Boss: Ganon

Ganon supposedly sees some power in you and is going to take it from you. Considering the tablets are with Zelda, I’m not sure what Ganon’s talking about. Anyways, Ganon is the same as he was in a Link to the Past. Just like in a Link to the Past, you can actually hit him once before he starts talking if you’re fast enough. Just use your sword to attack him constantly at the beginning. He first spins his trident and throws it over to another part of the room before warping there. His second attack is when he creates balls of fire that circle around him. This circle of fire will eventually expand outwards and then contract, so stay as far away from him as possible. These fire balls then turn into bats that each individually fly towards you to hit you. These bats cannot be killed, so simply dodge them. Ganon has another attack where a fire bat makes circles of fire on the screen and Ganon is constantly warping. Eventually Ganon will shout that by taking your power he can supposedly rule the world. Do you have the Triforce of Courage now or something? What do you have that Link did not have in a Link to the Past? Back then he just wanted to crush you for interfering with his plans. Nevertheless, Ganon then will start using his secret art and the room will turn dark.

Dodge the fire bats he shoots at you and light the two lamps. When the lamps are both lit, Ganon will stand still and cover himself for a short amount of time. Hit him once with your sword and he’ll freeze. When he’s frozen you need to shoot him with a Silver Arrow. Repeat this attack pattern twice more and you’ll defeat Ganon.

After Ganon

Go back through the red warp and go to the ledge of Death Mountain and talk to Zelda. She talks about how beautiful Hyrule is and thanks you for all your help. You basically can go around everywhere and talk to people who’ll thank you for your efforts. Despite Ganon being defeated again, enemies are still everywhere in Hyrule, so have fun with them if you’d like. Thank you for reading the guide and enjoy the ending!

The End



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