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Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets Guide Part 2

Ancient Stone Tablets Guide Part 2


Here are parts 1, 3, and 4 of the guide.  Also, here’s some background info, some notes before you begin playing, and my review of the game.


So here before the game starts the story of a Link to the Past is told and it is clarified that Link set off to find another new adventure. This would explain why Link isn’t present to face off with Ganon and save Hyrule. Once again, a young child drops down from another world. Agihna and Zelda have a very similar conversation as before, except this time an injured soldier runs in to talk to Princess Zelda. It seems that there were soldiers guarding the Eastern Palace but these soldiers were annihilated by a group of monsters. Now, Zelda and Agihna move towards Sahasrahla’s house in Kakariko village in order to decipher the tablets.

You wake up in Sahasrahla’s house and Agihna immediately gives you all your items in another large bag. Explore Kakariko village to find a lot of rupees. If you enter the top of the long house towards the bottom of the village, you can find a heart piece. Head over to the spot on the map to start the third dungeon. Note  at time 18:10 the overworld will get foggy.

Underground Dungeon

Third Palace: Underground Dungeon

At the entrance of the dungeon, proceed to the right to find some rupees, items, etc. and a couple enemies to defeat. The room isn’t necessary by any means. Next, hit the switch to make the blue blocks drop and go through the top left door. The far left door contains a lot of rupees, but you need the magic hammer to actually reach them. In this room, you’ll see a key on top of the left lamp. Ram into the lamp with your Pegasus Boots to knock the key onto the ground. Then pick up the key, unlock the door and proceed to the next room. In the next room you’ll run into some conveyor belts and a bunch of bouncy enemies. Don’t bother killing the enemies and just go through the top right door. Hit the switch to turn it red in this room, collect the key using the boomerang, and unlock the bottom door. Open the chest in this room to receive the compass. In the next room, hit the switch to lower the blocks, and lift up the top-right pot in order to find a key. Open the door and go up into the next room. Kill the two hard-shelled enemies in this room by hitting them from behind. Next, light the two torches to reveal a chest that contains the big key and then go downstairs.

Go left into a much larger room and proceed to the bottom of the room. Open the big chest there to receive the Magic Hammer, which allows you drive stakes into the ground. Now head back to the room with the conveyor belts. Here you can access the blocked off rooms by hammering down the barrier. Go to the door on the left directly across the door you came out of (this is in the conveyor belt room). Now if you want to get another bomb upgrade, blast through 3 walls to get to a secret room with another thief (look at your map to decide which walls). Either way, now go downstairs. Here, flip the two turtles over using the Magic Hammer, kill them with your sword, and then pick up the pots in the room to find a key. In the next room, you can either go down past the barrier, or up through a locked door. There’s only treasure and fairies if you jump off into a well down there. Go up through the locked door upstairs and proceed down the hallway to continue through the dungeon. You’ll enter a room with 6 lamps. The door on your right will lead to the boss of this dungeon.

Helmasaur King

Boss: Helmasaur King

Once again this boss is a boss from Link to the Past and acts in the exact same way. Helmasaur King moves around the room, uses its tail to target you and shoots out fireballs that can damage you. In order to beat this boss, you need to place bombs on the floor and hope he walks over them or near them when they explode. When that happens his face mask will start chipping. After 3 blasts, the mask will break apart, and you will see that the boss has a large glowing spot on his head. Hit this spot repeatedly with arrows (6 times) in order to defeat Helmasaur King. Your sword seems to be ineffective on this spot (unlike in a Link to the Past).

After the Underground Dungeon:

South of the village, there is a heart piece inside the library. Knock it off a bookshelf using the Pegasus Boots in order to collect it. There is also a piece of heart in a house on the bottom left portion of Kakariko Village. Bomb the front of the house and enter it to find a heart piece and 20 rupees. Now go north of Kakariko Village and enter the Lost Woods. Find a blacksmith on the left side of the Lost Woods. Take him back to his partner a little outside the bottom-right hand corner of the village. To repay you, they will temper your sword, making it a level 2 sword! Although this looks like the Master Sword of a Link to the Past, it is not the Master Sword and it does not shoot out beams when you’re at full health. You can also buy a bottle for 100 rupees from the merchant sitting outside. Also, in the lost woods, go to the far left and find a mushroom there. Now fly to the witch’s shop (close to Zora Falls) and have her make you magic powder. Now use the ocarina to fly back to Kakariko village. Go back to the blacksmith’s house and fall down the cave next to the house. This cave will have two doors. Go to the top door and you’ll two stone hands holding a chalice full of some liquid. Use the magic powder on the chalice and a bat will appear. This bat will make you only use half the magic you used to use as a “punishment”. The entrance of the Lost Woods Dungeon is at the top right side of the Lost Woods.

Fourth Palace Entrance

Fourth Palace: Lost Woods Dungeon

Go up through the first room and enter the door on the right of the second room. There’s a chest in the room on the lower left, but you can’t cross the spikes without getting severely hurt. So instead proceed all the way to the top of the room full of spiked pits, and fall down through the hole to the floor below. You will fall down two stories. On the floor in between where you start and where you land, you’ll see the big chest guarded by two skeletons. You’ll eventually fall into a room with four slugs. These slugs drop bombs, which do one heart of damage. Make sure not to touch these slugs as you will lose 3 hearts! Kill all 4 slugs to exit the room. Exit the room and go into the next room to find a room with lots of conveyor belts. Enter the room on the right and go up to find a locked door at the top. Light the two torches there to make a chest appear with a key inside. Open the door to enter a room with 2 spiked obstacles moving around.

Once upstairs, you’ll find a large room with two wall cannons that shoot balls across the room. Dodge these balls and get to bottom of the room. Pick up the pots to find a switch to open the door. In the next room you’ll find the two skeletons and you will be below the Big Chest room. Go down and stand still at the door. Wait for the big spiked object to start going back down and run towards the left door. Inside this room pull the left elephant’s trunk to unveil another chest. This chest contains the big key. Backtrack to the room with the two skeletons and head towards the Big Chest. Open the Big Chest to find the Hookshot. Come back down and go to the room on the right. Kill all the enemies here. Bomb the top of the room to get an arrow upgrade again. Go the room on your right, and use the hookshot on each of the pots to get across the gaps.

Upstairs, use the boomerang to get the key and open the locked door. You’ll enter a room full of spikes and enemies next. Use your hookshot to get around the room and to the exit on your left. You’ll now be at the first big room again. Go to your left to get the dungeon map. Now go back and go to the top of the room and open the door that requires the big key. Use the path on your left to get to the boss door.


Boss: Arrghus

Once again this boss is from a Link to the Past. Arrghus is a big eyeball surrounded by little puff balls. Arrghus is defeated by using the hookshot to bring the puffballs towards you, and killing those puffballs with your sword before they return to the main body. Arrghus will attack you by moving around slowly and sometimes making the puff balls circle quickly around him. Once Arrghus has no puff balls left, he starts attacking you himself by jumping up, dropping down, and moving around the room. Just make sure he doesn’t land on you and hit him constantly with your sword  at this point to defeat him.

After the Lost Woods Dungeon:

Get ready for part 3 of the adventure!

I was not able to find anything that I needed to do at this point. However, I believe it’s possible to find one more heart piece. If you skipped any of the heart pieces I mentioned above, you can go and get them now. You can raise your high score during this time as well. Either way, pass the time until the game clock hits 18:55 and you’ll the next cutscene. Zelda and Agihna discuss how you managed to get two more stone tablets. However, no one seems to be able to interpret the meaning of them. Zelda remembers that Link used to have the Book of Mudora at his house. She believes that this book could help solve their problem. Since the route to Link’s house is now very dangerous, Aghina accompanied your character to Link’s house, which you will get to explore next chapter.



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