Posted by: zsaberlink | March 5, 2010

Link to the Past Dungeon No Sword Run

I happened to be playing Link to the Past recently and decided to try something odd. When you give the Master Sword to the blacksmiths in order to be tempered, you are temporarily without a sword. Normally you just move to another screen and come back to the house. At this point, your new “Tempered Master Sword” would be ready. Instead I decided to try to attempt completing the Ice Palace without my sword. In most other “no sword runs” they actually opt not to use the sword. However, here I cannot use my sword at all, as I don’t have one. I’m posting my first attempt at the Ice Palace. Keep in mind that I was figuring out how to defeat different enemies, and thus this was easily a failed attempt. However, I found it amusing and thought I’d share.

Note: I did figure out how to get through the dungeon without my sword (actually the hookshot works rather well as a weapon), but that video turned out pretty long to upload.


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