Posted by: zsaberlink | February 27, 2010

How to get a demo of Monster Hunter Tri

Capcom is really trying to get Monster Hunter to become a phenomenon in the US as it has done with the series in Japan. As such, Monster Hunter will have a demo that will be released March 8th. One way of getting the demo is by picking it up at GameStop stores throughout the US. (I’m unsure about how this may work in other countries.) In addition, you can actually have the demo mailed directly to your home. Monster Hunter Tri seems like it will be a quality game made for the Wii, and as such I wish to increase awareness about the game. What better way is there than to play a FREE demo of the game? Thus the following instructions detail how to get a demo of Monster Hunter Tri delivered to your home.

Note: Each step will have a corresponding screenshot ABOVE the instruction.

1. Create a capcom-unity blog at by clicking the sign-up link (boxed in red) in the site’s header. The sign-up process itself is rather self-explanatory so I’m not going to go over it here. It just uses a confirmation e-mail in order to verify the validity of e-mail, etc.

2. Go to Monster Hunter Tri’s Community website and you’ll see something like the picture above. Get the banner to pop out by placing your mouse towards the top of the page. Then log in by clicking the login link in the pop-up banner of the site. The banner itself is arranged similarly to the capcom-unity banner, and the login link is to the bottom-right of the banner as well.

3. Once you are logged in, look for the above navigation bar on the page. Click the rewards icon (boxed in red), and you’ll get a message telling you that you’ve been registered to receive a demo of Monster Hunter Tri! In addition, the message will also say “Is this your correct address?” and a box below will display the mailing address associated with your capcom-unity account. If you haven’t entered a mailing address into your blog account, this will be blank. In order to make sure the demo gets to you, click the “update address” link right below this mailing address box. Once you have updated your mailing address, you should be all set to receive a Monster Hunter Tri demo in your mail when it’s released.

If you have any questions or are having troubles with these instructions, just post in the comments and I’ll try to see what I can do to help.

Update: On a related note, there is also a manual for the Monster Hunter Tri demo that’s available on Capcom’s site. The manual is about 40MB as it’s full of illustrations.

FINAL UPDATE (3/1/2010):

So as you may have noticed, the rewards link was removed. After sending a message to capcom-unity’s monster hunter admin, I got the following response:

Hey ZSaberLink,

Nice work on getting people pumped! But, unfortunately, we had limited quantities of the demo (as was stated in the “Rewards” section). So since we’ve reached our limit, we removed the icon for now. To make sure others get the demo, it would be best to direct them to a GameStop store.

Keep your eyes peeled though, as we have another item for the “Rewards” section in the coming weeks.



So, it seems like we rallied up enough support to actually make them run out of copies to mail out for now. Fortunately, that still means all of you who signed up will still get copies mailed to your house. These will be mailed out at around March 8th, so if you wait a bit afterwards, those will reach your homes.  For those of you who haven’t signed up for a copy, GameSpot is for now the only option you have to get the free demo (unless they happen to get more copies and restore the link). As you probably read in the e-mail above, there will be another reward in the upcoming weeks. So I’ll make a post if anything changes with the rewards icon and the demo, and will post in the upcoming weeks when this other reward appears.



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  3. Well… I’ve managed to sign up with my Norwegian adress, so i just hope that they will send it to Norway, and that they send a PAL version then 😛

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  5. This feature has been removed from the site. Any idea on why?

  6. ya i was looking forward to this but it’s not there


  7. the “meat” icon on the monster hunter tri community site isnt there…does that mean theres no more demos to be mailed??? oh noooo!!!!

  8. I hope they haven’t run out of mailable copies, I don’t want to go all the way to gamestop to get one~but I guess I will if I have to. I hope you figure it out, maybe they only had a limited amount to send out, I hope there are enough copies when it comes out at gamestop.

  9. I was able to get the rewards page to show up by putting this into the address bar:


    Then it changed to the rewards page where the missing button probably took you to. I was able to sign up for the demo doing that.

  10. wow it worked! thank u ever so much Gamon! i just hope it still counts n i get my copy =_=

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  12. javascript:change_main(‘Rewards’); WITH the original URL or just javascript:change_main(‘Rewards’);?

    I did both ways and it does not load nothing. Just an error page…

    help? :o)

    • After checking out the page source code it appears that they have become aware of the workaround and removed it completely. Jerks.

  13. Pedro, you go to the monster hunter tri community page – but you need to be a member of first, its free. anyway, go to the monster hunter tri community site and put in javascript:change_main(‘Rewards’); in the browser bar, you should be automaticalli redirected to the “rewards” page, there you can put in your address by hitting “update address” if it doesnt let you type it in, which it didnt for me. and there you go! hope this helped

  14. […] Aurion’s Game and Technology Blog has posted some instructions for how to get this demo disc shipped to your home address.  Check out the instructions (complete with pictures) by clicking here. […]

  15. is the free demo thign over? cuz i cant find the reward icon… =[

  16. argh! why did they remove that stupid icon?? ok i know why.. but a little later would be nice… well, i hope they’ve released mh3 demo in gamestop shops in norway… probably not :S

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